Commercial Ice Machine Repair In Las Vegas - Check This First

Most commonly, commercial ice machines are basically separated into two distinct categories: cubers and flakers. But despite the fact that there are two distinct categories, the maintenance procedure is somewhat similar as well as are the malfunctions that might appear.

Basic Maintenance Tips

First of all we strongly recommend that your basic maintenance be done as instructed in the manufacturer’s guide. Nonetheless, basic maintenance should include such aspects as thorough cleaning of the interior, sanitizing and basic integrity inspection.

Besides the integrity of the ice machine, another aspect which you should consider is the quality of the water used. We recommend that you install a filter to improve not only the quality of the ice, but also to improve the life expectancy of your machine.

If your commercial ice machine has begun to malfunction then the next step is to carefully analyze it in order to determine the possible problem and act upon it. A significant percentage of the possible problems that might appear can be resolved by you if you have a bit of knowledge in the domain.

The Most Frequent Symptoms

1. The ice machine maker has begun to produce a significant amount of ice in comparison to the program set or it does not shut down.

The reason for this malfunction is a possible deterioration of the shutoff arm or the shutoff switch.

Begin by checking the shutoff arm which is an arm that extends away from the ice cube bin and that gradually rises through the ice making cycle, dropping when the ice is dumped into the bin. You should analyze whether or not the arm is properly in place at both ends and that nothing blocks the movement of the arm.

Move to checking the shutoff switch. This part is a bit more complicated and requires a bit of expertise especially if you have a modular unit. We do not recommend troubleshooting this issue unless you have expertise in the domain.

2. The ice machine does not produce ice despite being plugged in properly in a working socket at the correct voltage.

There are multiple causes for this issue, among which the most common are: the shutoff arm, the supply valve, the water supply line, the shutoff switch , the freezer temperature, the ejector gear, the ejector motor, the ice mold heater, the holding switch, the inlet switch, the thermostat and the water inlet valve. We have already treated the shutoff arm and shutoff switch issue and we will continue in brief with the others.

The supply valve should be checked whether or not it is in a position that supplies the appropriate water pressure. Take note not to open the valve at the fullest, but only a bit in order to provide enough water.

Check the supply line that provides water to the ice machine to see whether it is occluded in any area or damaged as this might lead to low water levels. Take note to unplug the ice maker before working on the water supply line to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

See whether or not the temperature is adequate. In order to produce ice the needed temperature is of 5 degrees Fahrenheit. To test this simply put an ordinary thermometer in and see whether or not the thermostat is set at the correct temperature and working properly.

In terms of ejector gear, ejector motor, ice mold heater, holding switch and inlet switch we strongly recommend that you contact us because it requires internal analysis.

3. The ice cubes produced are not of the desired size.

The first way to check this problem is by analyzing the cube size control option to see whether or not it is set to your desired specification.

Second, you should check the supply valve, supply line and inlet valve to see whether or not the machine has the amount of water needed to produce the ice. For the analysis of the inlet switch we recommend that you contact specialized personnel.

If you need further assistance, then schedule a service call and we will give you a helping hand.


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