Reach-In Cooler And Reach-In Freezer Repair In The Las Vegas Desert - Low And Medium Temperature

In order to maintain food products fresh for prolonged periods of time it is required that your reach-in cooler and reach-in freezer function properly. But due to numerous possibilities these must have electronics might come to malfunction. In some cases problems can be resolved with minimal technical knowledge.

Possible Air Leaks – Check The Door Gaskets

First problem that might arise with your reach-in cooler or freezer are possible leaks. Inspect the surroundings of your cooler/freezer to see whether or not you see a possible leak, especially in the back where the visibility is lower. If the cooler leaks then it might need to have its door gaskets replaced or any other part. You should not consider the water around your reach-in cooler/freezer as being the direct result of humidity. No matter the humidity in the air, the cooler leaks only as a result of a possible malfunction.

Temperature Problems – Make Sure To Use An Accurate Thermometer and Check The Thermostat

The second problem that might appear is the temperature that is too high. This issue is usually caused by two aspects: the temperature is not set correctly or the thermostat has malfunctioned.

Begin by checking if the temperature has been set to an appropriate temperature for your reach-in cooler to maintain your products fresh is of 36 degrees Fahrenheit and of 0 degrees Fahrenheit for your freezer. You can test this with the use of a thermometer, but this will not help you to get the temperature with high accuracy. Instead, we recommend that you place a cup of alcohol or cooking oil in which you have placed a cooking thermometer into the cooler or freezer for about 2 hours.

The alcohol or oil will not freeze and will help you to get an accurate reading of the temperature. If you had used water, then this would have froze into the freezer giving an incorrect reading and possibly damaging the thermometer.

Second, you should inspect if the thermostat itself is malfunctioning, but this is not recommended unless you have some advanced knowledge on the issue. If you are unsure, we would be glad to help you with your issue.

Possible Electrical Problems – Check The Cord and The Circuit Breaker

Another common cause for your reach-in cooler/freezer to malfunction is possible electrical problems which might be caused by damaged electrical cord or internal circuit/fuse damage.

As your reach-in cooler or freezer is accessed numerous times a day, this might lead to it becoming unhinged from its spot and thus the electrical cord will become loose. See whether or not the plug is correctly placed in the electrical socket or if the electrical power cord has not been damaged in any way.

In time, due to electric current fluctuations or different internal problems, internal circuits or fuses might begin to be damaged and as a consequence they will need to be replaced. You should not try to replace any internal components unless you are knowledgeable on the issue. We can inspect this issue for you and make a proper evaluation of the issue as well as resolve any electrical problem regarding your reach-in freezer of cooler.

If you still face problems, then don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule a service call.


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