Steps You Can Take If Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Working

The comfort that your air conditioning provides you might not be completely appreciated until it begins to malfunction. Now, if this happens in the early days of summer, then you might not be affected as much. But if outside the sun is blazing, then the hot wave of summer air that is gradually filling the room will not be the best surprise of the day in the least.

Now, if your air conditioning unit is not working, then this does not mean that you need to call a repair team the next second. A significant percentage of air conditioning problems can be troubleshooted by you with only minimal technological expertise.

Analyze the thermostat

Why exactly is the thermostat so important? To put it into simple words, the electronic thermostat is like a switch that turns the AC unit on and off depending on the selected temperature and if it is not functioning properly, then your air conditioner will not be able to read the air temperature correctly.

First step to troubleshooting your air conditioning unit is to check out whether or not your thermostat has been set properly. Numerous air conditioning models come with a 2-3 temperature degree window around the chosen temperature to turn the air conditioner on/off.

Another problem that might appear with the thermostat is its batteries. Most modern ACs come with electronic thermostats that are powered by batteries. It is true that these ACs come with a battery indicator, but if the battery is at its limit, the reader might not function properly and it will influence the proper function abilities of the thermostat.

Possible Filter Problems

Air conditioning filters have the function of blocking the debris in the air and in time the debris accumulate and therefore significantly decrease the air flow. This in turn leads to the internal mechanism to overwork in order to get the needed air flow, thus increasing its wear out.

So, the next issue you should analyze is the filters. This issue might not cross your mind as being important, but a dirty filter can not only significantly decrease the air debit that your air conditioning unit provides, but can also cause grave malfunctions if it is not cleaned on a regular basis or replaced when needed.

We recommend that you wash your filters every 2 to 4 months as instructed in the manufacturer’s guide.

Check Out The Reset Button

Most modern air conditioning units come with a reset button which is mainly an integrated reset of the internal fuses. You should try the reset button as this might resolve your issue.

Some more experienced users might also be tempted to work on the internal fuses or circuit breakers, but if you are unsure about this, we strongly recommend that you avoid this step and contact us for any further assistance.

Be Patient Sometimes

As funny as it might seem, sometimes, and especially after power cuts, it is recommended that you wait for about 15 minutes before powering on the AC. Most modern AC units have a time delay circuits to protect the units compressor. If the AC has powered on but is not responding despite the fact that the thermostat seems to be working, begin by shutting it off and wait for 15 minutes.

Regardless of the problem, if you can’t figure out the solution, contact us and we will gladly solve it for you.


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