How To Keep Your Walk-In Cooler Cool All The Time

Due to the abundance of walk in coolers across continental boundaries, we can see countless walk in cooler repair and maintenance services all around. The walk-in coolers and freezers have become inevitable commercial items these days and they have literally conquered restaurants, stores, commercial food kitchens all over the globe. As these walk in coolers are deigned to constantly cool spacious commercial spaces, these machines need to be perfectly insulated in order to reap their real benefits.

If you don’t insulate these coolers then they can waste your money alongside tremendous amount of electricity as well. There are certain steps that are very important before igniting the insulation process as follows…

Remodeling of walk-in coolers floor

  • First of all, remodeling of the floor of the cooler is essentially required to avoid the escape of cool air. The best way to cover those areas is by attaching extruded polystyrene insulation over the rubber floor or over the existing cement. The extruded polystyrene insulation generally comes in large portions designed to be attached to the floor directly or in a foam spray. You are recommended to keep the cool temperature by placing the quarry tiles on the top as well.

Insulate every door in the way of cooler

  • Secondly, you need to insulate every door in the way of walk-in cooler by attaching rubber strips around the boundaries of these doors. Those doors that are meant to help customers in selecting the products alongside the entrance and exit doors need to be properly insulated as well. The metal door frames must be strictly bonded with these rubber strips to reduce the air from seeping outside.

Building a Separate door

  • The next important step revolves around building a isolated door in front of the main cooler door. This door tends to hold extra cool air each time a new customer walks in and closes the door afterwards. This is the main reason when you enter or exit from a walk in cooler equipped mall; you face a striking cool breeze right away.

Attaching aluminium sheet metal

  • Another great practice is by attaching aluminium sheet metal to the walls of your cooler. This is a handpicked way to keep the hot air outside the cooler and to keep the cool air inside. The best way is to cover the whole cooler with these aluminium sheet metals including the walls of the walk-in cooler alongside its ceiling as well. Before attaching the aluminium sheet metal, it’s recommended to tight the walls of the cooler with extruded polystyrene insulation.

Additional Buying Tips

  • Apart from insulating the walk-in cooler, there are few recommendations in selecting the right cooler to meet your commercial needs. If you vouch for a cheap cooler to meet your budgetary limitations then believe it or not, practically the cheap coolers put a great dent into your savings in the long run. The reason is that most of the cost-effective walk-in coolers come without floor support. However, about 4 inch floor slabs are essentially required to get optimum cool temperature without wasting extra electrical energy. You may find floorless walk-in coolers cheap in the beginning but in the long run, you will be spending overmuch electrical expense in response. In other words don’t try to gamble on this important purchase because a faulty cooler can be replaced but it’s almost impossible to replace customer disappointment. There is no doubt that you get plethoras of walk-in coolers from the market but all you need to focus on is their quality and not only on their sizes. Walk-in cooler repair and maintenance services are available all around to keep your cooler cool all the time.

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