How To Make Best Use Of A Commercial Freezer

Apparently it seems absurd to hone your freezer related skills but if you really want to chill out energy savings then you need to follow the guidelines about “how to make best use of commercial freezer”. The commercial freezers are designed to work extra-large as compared to home freezers because they are meant to cool down tremendous quantities of food stuff instantly. Here are few proven tips and tricks on how to use this commercial weapon in the best way.

Never place your Freezer in hot & humid place

v Never place your refrigerator in a hot humid place as it will degrade its cooling performance. For example if you place it inside commercial kitchen very close to the cooking equipment then it won’t be able to show its full cooling potential. In order to improve its performance, you need to place it in a cool area. Furthermore, don’t let your freezer door remain open for a long time. Opening the freezer door for a long time will allow the cool air to escape that will endanger the integrity of foods within the freezer as well. As a result, the freezer will work more to recover the amount of wasted energy.

Don’t set the Thermometer too low

Most of the people think that by setting the externally mounted digital thermometer too low, their commercial freezer will save energy but practically it doesn’t work like this. If you set the externally mounted thermometer too low then the freezers condenser will run more than it should, making your machine to work for a longer time period & consequently giving a big dent to your energy consumption.

Follow a regular service & maintenance plan

For commercial freezers, establishing a regular service and maintenance plan is essentially required to receive efficient performance in return. The evaporator coils should be cleaned. The freezers condenser should be serviced as it catches most of the dust and grime during its operation. Using condenser without service for a longer time period will bog down its efficiency by blocking air flow to the coils. If you really want to keep your utility bills down then you must service the fins and coils at regular intervals.

Never use damaged gaskets

Another tip to boost up your freezers efficiency revolves around the use of airtight seals. If your gaskets are damaged then warm air will creep in diminishing the overall efficiency of your freezer in return. Hence door gaskets should be regularly inspected to replace the worn gaskets with the new ones. Moreover all vents should be cleaned and free from grime in order to work more efficiently.

Choose freezer with Built in automatic controls

Although you will try to fetch a cost-effective freezer due to your budgetary limitations but it’s always recommended to choose the freezer with built in electronic automatic controls. Automated features will make your life much easier than ever before and they will definitely give you an upper edge in the kitchen as well.

Stock your food items in efficient way

Try to customize your freezer settings in the best way to save more energy. For example try to stock your food items to fit your needs in an efficient way. The efficient placement of food stuff inside your machine is an easy art and it will also help you in finding the desired food item without any hassles.

Check for ENERGY STAT ® Sign

I’d like to recommend you to check for the ENERGY STAR ® sign as they can boost your energy savings up to 35%. Why not to save extra bucks when you have the opportunity to do so. Hence stick to the above mentioned tips and tricks and make the best use of your commercial freezer machine.


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