Freon R-22 Is Being Phasing Out And Prices Are Increasing Quickly


Heating summer and sultry are always the hard ones in any year, especially when your air conditioner has stopped working or its performance has gone down. However, keeping a continuous maintenance of your air conditioner can easily guarantee a long life of your unit and at the same time allow you to spend less money on big issues that may arise due to lack of care. While you are working to keep your air conditioner repair free and in a working condition, you might as well want to know that R-22 has reached in the middle of its phase-out process.

The production of Freon (R-22) has already been stopped in 2010 so you cannot find newly produced R-22 air conditioning units in the market anymore. However, there are companies that are still using the stocked refrigerant. While the phasing out process is in progress, the price of this old refrigerant will go up with time. There might come a time in future when you have to spend more than double the money you are spending today in getting R-22 today. However, this will only happen if you have not taken care of the matters already. In short, it’s the right time for you to move to the new refrigerant before 2020 when it is completely gone.

For decades R-22 ruled the world of refrigerants and all the air conditioning units, refrigerators and heating pumps had the same refrigerant in them. However, with time the harmful effects of R-22 were realized and its lethal role in the depletion of ozone layer around the earth was the main cause why scientists thought that it was necessary to replace it with a better refrigerant. R-410A was the new refrigerant that was brought in as a replacement for R-22 and since then the phasing out of R-22 has been in place.

Now it is up to the consumers who have air conditioning units and other appliances that are using the old refrigerant to change it as soon as possible. Many people would suggest you not to switch to the new refrigerant because it might be costly at the moment but they will do this because they are missing the big picture. While you might have to spend a few more bucks at the moment to switch your entire system to the new refrigerant, it would become even more expensive in the future. You will not be able to replace your old refrigerant with newly produced R-22 and on top of that, your R-22 compatible unit will not be sold.

Right now there is still some demand for the R-22 compatible units but as the time passes and amount of this old refrigerant starts to get scarce, this demand will diminish and reach almost zero at a point. It is better that you take steps today and change your present air conditioning unit with an R-410A compatible one. Climate Control Experts can definitely do this job better and at an affordable cost. They have been doing this for years and have one of the most professionally trained workers for this job.


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