Are You Safe From Carbon Monoxide? - Read This

The Dangers of Not Knowing the Presence of Carbon Monoxide At Home

With better technology taking over all industries and appliances at home, there are still risks and dangers involved in using many of the gas heater appliances. There’s a reason why dozens of people die every year due to carbon monoxide which is there in their homes but they never get to know about it. This quality of carbon monoxide of performing its fatal actions quietly has earned it the name of silent killer. Since it doesn’t possess any color or display any distinct color, you will never notice its presence around you – not to mention that it is tasteless as well.

Where Can Carbon Monoxide Come From?

Whenever you need heat, you are expected to burn something and result in the production of carbon monoxide. The stoves used at homes produce carbon monoxide and various other appliances used in winters for heating cause its production. Gas heaters are a big source of carbon monoxide and perpetrators in causing deaths around the world – mostly the unvented ones. Gas furnaces and chimneys that are not vented properly could also result in the production of carbon monoxide. Gas water heaters and other equipment that requires the burning of gasoline also result in the production of this lethal gas.

What are the Symptoms that Carbon Monoxide May Be Around?

Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer for all the quiet reasons. Even its symptoms are so ambiguous that you are not able to realize its presence around you before time. It’s often quite late when people get to know that carbon monoxide has started to spread its wings in the house. The most prominent and commonly known symptoms include the dizziness, nausea and breathlessness. Headaches and pain in the chest is also very common. Too much inhalation of the gas could finally result in unconsciousness.

Measures that Need to Be Taken to Protect Yourself

First, whatever appliances you are using to produce heat or cook food, make sure you have proper ventilation in that area. Never leave your stoves on when you are not around and heaters must only be used in rooms that have big windows or proper ventilation in them. Always keep a check on the color of flame of your stove, water boiler, heater and any other appliances – if the flame has a yellowish color, or something close to orange, you can be sure of the presence of carbon monoxide in the area. Sooting is another big sign of carbon monoxide’s presence so keep a check on that as well.

Always have experts and professionals do the installation of heating appliances – DIY isn’t much recommended in these sensitive cases. Never use heaters and heating appliances with the doors closed. Climate Control Experts is a just a phone call away…


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