Check This Before You Call The AC Repair Company


In the heat of the summer, calling an AC repairman to fix your air conditioner can mean sweating it out for days at a time in harsh heat. Is there a better alternative to sitting around waiting for the repairman? Yes! Depending on what is wrong with your HVAC system, you might be able to fix it yourself with a little know-how and save serious time and money.

If you have a central air conditioner, it utilizes the same ducts that provide heat during the winter and it’s located outside your home. The unit should be kept clean of plants, grass, sticks, leaves or any other outdoor debris that could accumulate during the winter. When it comes to problems with your central air conditioner, some are easy to repair yourself and some need the attention of a professional. Before you call the pros, check these things on your central air conditioner yourself!

The Ducts

If the air flow in your home is greatly diminished, you may have blocked or leaking ducts. Air leaks in the ducts can be sealed with duct tape for a temporary solution. You’ll eventually need to call the repair man, but at least you’ll have some air conditioning in the process.

The Filter

Failing to regularly clean your air filter can mean blocked air flow, particulate escaping into your home, and debris on your coils which can lead to serious problems. Clean or change your filters at least two times a year (more, depending on your usage) to ensure that your HVAC is always working properly.

The Outdoor Unit

When you inspect your unit, make sure the power is turned OFF. If you’re looking to check the evaporator or condensation tray, use your manual to determine where they’re located on your unit. Use a mild bleach solution to clean the evaporator so your home doesn’t contain mold spores. The condensation tray can contain mold or fungus if it isn’t regularly cleaned.

If you have a window unit rather than a central air conditioner, an AC repair yourself is even easier. Some problems with window AC units are as simple as an improperly oiled fan, while some problems can require professional attention. Check the following parts of your window unit before you call in the professionals.

Check for Dirt

Window units are susceptible to dirt and blockage with a lack of routine maintenance. Turn your unit off and make sure it is unplugged before you attempt to clean it. Check for blockage on the filter by removing the front panel.

Diagnose the Problem

Is your ac unit making strange noises, or leaking? Is the air flow greatly reduced? Even if you can’t fix the problem yourself, being able to diagnose it is a huge help and will save the repair man time.

The key to fixing your air conditioner is keeping up with regular maintenance so that if a problem occurs, it isn’t due to something you could have prevented with upkeep.


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