Does Your Home Air Conditioning System Need A Repair?


If you’re working all day outside your house, it can be tough to notice consistent patterns in your HVAC system. That means, if your system is experiencing trouble, you may not notice for several weeks, potentially compounding the existing problem. Avoid this problem by knowing a few key parts of your air conditioner you can monitor to catch a potential problem early.

The Filter

A clogged filter can reduce air flow into your home dramatically. Although it’s simple to fix, if a clogged filter goes unnoticed for too long, the escaping particles can gather on your evaporator coils, causing serious damage to your air conditioner. Check your filter if you suspect that it may be dirty, and clean or replace it if it is. If you’re unsure how to replace the filter, consult a professional to help you out.


Consider checking your refrigerant levels if your air conditioner seems to be too warm or inconsistent. It’s possible that your air conditioner is low on refrigerant or is leaking the substance. Leaking refrigerant can cause a number of serious issues in your HVAC system. If you suspect that your coolant levels are too low, call a professional like Climate Control Experts who specialize in AC repairs in Las Vegas. Do not add more refrigerant into the system. You may not know how to add it properly, and if there is a leak, additional refrigerant will simply compound the problem.

The Coils

As mentioned above, a dirty filter can deposit particles on your evaporator coils, causing them to fail or struggle to work properly. Additionally, your coils can freeze if there isn’t enough air flow through them. Frozen coils will cause water to leak, and can cause your entire HVAC system to shut down if you don’t catch the problem in time. Always call a professional to have your coils cleaned (or replaced, if need be). Cleaning the coils is a very delicate process and they can easily become damaged beyond repair.

The System

If your HVAC system is outside, check it for debris that collected over the winter like leaves, sticks and other corrosion. Although it is unlikely, outdoor debris can damage an air conditioning system if it collects.

If any of these key parts of your air conditioner are damaged, or you notice your air flow is greatly reduced or far too warm, you need to consult a professional as soon as possible. Air conditioners are delicate and can easily become damaged if a problem is ignored. Additionally, you wouldn’t want your system to fail in the heat of summer and leave you and your family sweating it out.

Keeping your HVAC well maintained can help you to catch a problem right when it starts by having your air conditioner repair completed before it causes major damage. Making a few small observations about your HVAC can mean the difference between a cool breeze and a stifling summer.


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