A Few Things You Need To Do Before Calling An AC Repair Company

Summers come and give people a great opportunity to go to the lake or spend hours in pools and it definitely feels great. However, the time you spend at home doesn’t seem to be passing because there is nothing much to do – no one dares to come out and meet you when you are living in a place where summers are extremely hot. Similar case could take place in Las Vegas where the summers could be hot enough to hold you back in your bedrooms. But what if your AC is not working: could you think of spending even a minute in the room?

Did you know that the average air conditioning unit runs 2750 hours per summer season? This is when you have to call a repairman to fix your AC so you can rest in comfort when you are at home. However, there are things that every AC user must check before placing a call to the repairer. Why you need to check these things is because you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on some problem which needed nothing but a minute from you to fix. Even if you are able to sort out the problem yourself once the repairer has arrived, you might have to pay him for the traveling costs he had to bear to come to you. Here are the most important things for you to check before you call the repairer:

Are Air Filters Okay?

If you haven’t cleaned the filters of your air conditioner for a while, precisely for over a month, it is highly recommended that you clean them right away. If your filter is clogged up with dirt and feathers, your air conditioner will not perform as you expect it to. Furthermore, even if you think that your filters are clean but you haven’t changed them for quite a few months, you might want to change them.

The Outside Condensing Unit

Does it have power to the condensing unit? Check the disconnect. The outside unit needs just as much care as the inside unit but very few people seem to realize this fact. If your outside unit is placed under direct sunlight and there isn’t much space around it, the performance of your AC will be affected.

The Thermostat

Check to make sure your thermostat is calling for cooling and the “fan” selector switch is in auto. Your friends might not have told you out of shame but ask the professionals and they will laughingly tell you about the “many” cases that take place when a worried customer calls for repairer’s help and the issue is that thermostat isn’t on or set to cool.

The Circuit Breaker And Fuse

Check for any tripped breaker or blown fuse if your AC is not working at all but you can’t find anything wrong with the inside or outdoor unit. An ohm meter could be used for checking blown fuses.

If all of the things mentioned above seem all right but your AC is still not working properly, call for an AC repair. People of Las Vegas trust Climate Control Experts for all their Ac repairs.


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