Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For The Las Vegas Heat?

If you have been living in Las Vegas you already know the heat and sunlight it faces throughout the year. On average, if you are living in Las Vegas, you are under the direct sun for at least 310+ days of the year. Rarely it even snowfalls in the city but it is nothing compared to the heat that people have to endure in the months of June, July, August and September. If you are in Las Vegas for the first, don’t be surprised if you see the temperature lurking around 90+ degrees.

So, when you know the temperature is going to rise and in summers it would become nearly impossible to live without an air conditioner, have you done what’s needed? Do you think you have the air conditioner that could take the beating of Las Vegas summers? Do you think you can afford to have an air conditioner break down in the middle of the summer? If not then you must get things ready and done quickly. The first and foremost action that you should take is to have your air conditioner’s tuning done as soon as possible. In Las Vegas, Climate Control Experts is probably the best option for you to have your AC’s job done.

Our company can provide you with any help regarding your Air Conditioner repairs, proper functioning as well as performance. Furthermore, our company’s area of services isn’t limited to Air Conditioner’s tuning only: instead, it can help you with Air Conditioning repairs, services, installation, heating problems, furnace installations, humidification, air quality in home etc. You are recommended to hire a professional for the AC maintenance because it needs a detailed examination, check and evaluation of all the components of your Air Conditioner to make it workable for the summer season.

As an owner of the air conditioner, you too have many responsibilities on you and if you are not attentive to them, your Air Conditioning unit might not last for long. First, you must keep cleaning the filters of your AC on a regular basis – once in two weeks or a month is great. The ducts and tubes of your AC must be checked regularly for avoiding any leaks and damages. Since the temperature is expected to rise high on the scale in summers, it is always advised that you keep your outdoor unit of the AC under some sort of shade to avoid overheating of the unit.

The coolants must be checked and evaporation coils must also be cleaned if there is any dirt or other elements covering it. Furthermore, if you have been using the AC for decades, it is time that you realize the importance of changing your coolant from R-22 to R-410A. The former is being phased out and the time isn’t far when you will have to spend higher costs to even buy it. The manufacturing of R-22 has already stopped and whatever you are using in your AC right now is either stocked or recycled coolant. R-22 has been phased out because of the harmful effects it had caused on ozone layer over time.


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