Keep Your Air Conditioner Maintained To Stay Cool This Summer

You don’t want to find yourself without a working air conditioner in the intense summer heat. Make sure you regularly maintain your HVAC system to keep it up and running. Keeping your air conditioner clean and free of debris is an easy process that makes a great deal of difference for the proper functionality of your air conditioner. The following are some things you can do yourself to keep your system working perfectly all season long.

If you have a central air conditioner, you should know that the unit has two separate components: the condenser, which is located outside of your home, and the evaporator, which is probably mounted just above your furnace. In order to keep both running smoothly, you need to make sure you’re keeping them clean. That means regularly checking your filter, and cleaning your condenser before an ac repair is needed.

Checking your filter and keeping your condenser cleaned are things you can do to keep your HVAC in good shape without the help of a repairman. If you aren’t sure where your filter is located or how to access it, a user manual should provide some insight. Remove your filter and, if it looks clogged or dirty, change it to keep particles out of your home and off your evaporator coils.

Some air filters can be reused. If you have a reusable filter, vacuum it and wash it (if necessary) in warm, soapy water. Replace the filter after it has been completely air dried. You should check your filter a few times a year to keep it working properly.

Another quick and easy at-home maintenance trick for your air conditioner is to clean your condenser unit. If you don’t cover your air conditioner during the off-season, it can easily become bogged down with sticks, leaves and other outdoor debris when you aren’t using it. Clean any visible debris from your condenser and vacuum the outside and inside of the coils using a vacuum brush. Be careful to power down your air conditioner before you do any maintenance on it, and make sure not to bend or damage any coils during the cleaning process.

Both your evaporator and your condenser are sealed, so if you aren’t sure how to properly dismantle them for cleaning, contact a professional. If your air conditioner is still running properly, waiting for a repairman to assist with routine maintenance is no trouble. The problem lies in waiting too long and allowing your system to break down before calling a professional.

Even with your personal routine maintenance, air conditioners need to be inspected regularly. Air conditioners should have an annual check-up from maintenance professionals before the season begins. If you suspect that something might be wrong with your unit, don’t hesitate to seek help before attempting to fix anything yourself. An air conditioner repaircan be tough without a certified technician, but there are specific maintenance procedures, like the ones detailed above, that you can follow to keep your HVAC running smoothly throughout the entire summer season.


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