Air Conditioning Maintenance - Keeping The Coils Clean

Is air conditioning maintenance really important? Yes it is very important because it takes care of 3 major issues: saves you from spending a lot of money in repairs, keeps your air conditioner running for years and keeps your energy bills low at the end of the month. If you are not serious about your air conditioning unit’s regular maintenance, it is very much possible that you might see a sudden high jump in your electricity bills. Furthermore, you might be having a repairman at your door every other week. Lastly, your air conditioning unit will have a very short life and the blame will go to the manufacturers.

In order to avoid all the three bad situations we have mentioned above, you are highly recommended to keep your air conditioner in well-maintained condition. Whenever possible, go for its maintenance and it doesn’t even require too much effort. Normally, the routine air conditioning maintenance will require you to look at the status of filters, evaporator and condenser coils, fan and breaker. You must make sure that if you have a split air conditioning unit, you have the outdoor unit placed under the shade – placing it under direct sunlight could have unsafe consequences.

Now, filters are the components that most of the household people are aware of and they are usually found replacing and cleaning them on regular basis but not a lot of people have been seen looking to clean the coils. It must be remembered that having properly working condensing and evaporating coils is just as important as cleaning the filters because if they are not working properly, they will take a toll on your air conditioning unit. It doesn’t take too much effort to clean the coils and you can see the guidelines below on how to clean the coils. For any further information you can contact Climate Control Experts.

Steps For Cleaning The Coils

These are the easy steps for cleaning a regular air conditioner at home; for commercial units you can always consult with the technicians and have them do the job:

  • First, you will have to remove the grills that are fixed with small knobs on the front of your AC or otherwise you will need a screwdriver.
  • First thing you will see after removing the grills is filter and after removing the filter you will see the coils.
  • These are the condenser coils and they can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • There are fins lining the coils and a fin comb could be used to straighten them.
  • Removing the grills in the back will reveal the evaporator coils and they can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner as well.
  • While cleaning the coils, it must be noticed and inspected that they are not damaged or leaking.
  • After cleaning the coils you should always change or clean the filter as well.

These are the easy steps you can follow to have your air conditioning coils cleaned: however, make sure to have the air conditioner turned off while doing this job. Never forget to take help from professionals and technicians when you are not feeling comfortable with something.


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