How Do You Know If You Need A Licensed Contractor Or If You Can Use A Handyman?

Definition of Contractor (noun):
a person who contracts to furnish supplies or perform work at a certain price or rate.

Definition of Handyman (noun):
a person hired to do various small jobs, especially in the maintenance of an apartment building, office building, or the like. (Source:

The definitions of the two are very close but there are some differences on what a contractor or a handyman are permitted to work on. First, a contractor is required to be licensed and insured whereas there are no requirements for a handyman to be licensed and insured. If you look in the phone book or do a quick search online, you will find all kinds of handymen listings, and they are great! They can do all kinds of things to help you around your home, but for Heating & Air Conditioning you will want to entrust that to a licensed and insured HVAC Expert like the ones at Climate Control Experts.
Handymen can do a range of chores around your home for you but you want to be careful, if an unlicensed handyman makes a faulty repair in your home, who would you call? They don’t have insurance and your insurance certainly isn’t going to cover an unlicensed, not permitted repair, so who gets stuck with the repair bill? You! The town of Pahrump doesn’t allow handymen to work on projects costing $1,000.00 or higher or requiring permits.
Don’t do that! With Climate Control Experts we can help you with all of your heating & air conditioning needs, from annual maintenance to getting you a new energy efficient unit for your home and all of the in betweens.


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