The Importance Of Maintaining Your Air Conditioner

None of us are too fond of them. They come every month and take our hard earned money. No apologies or anything. Ugh, bills. Now imagine this: you walk out to your mailbox to get your mail and you see your stack of bills. You start thinking to yourself “Oh great. It’s time to pay the bills again.” As you are going through them, one gives you pause. You look at it and are confused. There’s no way you used that much power! Your energy bill is much higher than it typically is. Naturally, you try to find the cause.

A likely culprit in this scenario is your air conditioning system. If your system is not regularly serviced, it could be running with problems that cause it to use more energy than usual. This can be as easy to fix as calling yourair conditioning company to come out and perform a routine maintenance on it. However, there are some things you can do yourself that will also help to relieve the stress on your system.


This one’s fairly easy. Changing the filters on your system does a lot more than you may think. As old filters become dirtier and dirtier, it gets harder for the air to get through, causing your system to work harder and longer to do the job. Replacing the filters clears up the passageway for the air to travel through. It is relatively simple to replace the filters. Simply measure the dimensions of the vent opening (hint: it should also be on the old filters you just pulled out), then get new filters of the appropriate size and put them in and close the vent.

Cleaning the coils

This next one is a little more involved. As your unit sits outside, it collects a lot of dirt and dust. The few times that it rains in the valley mix with that dirt and dust and turn it to mud. When it dries, it can slow down the cooling process. Simply washing the coils out with a garden hose will do a lot to ease the work needed. To do this, first make certain that the power to the unit is OFF. You don’t want that fan starting up while you’re working inside the unit. Next, remove the top of the unit by removing each of the screws in the corners. Once this has been done, pull the fan up and lay it FACE DOWN on the top of the unit that you just removed. Next, take your garden hose and rinse the cooling coil FROM THE INSIDE OUT. It is very important that you get all four sides; otherwise you have just cleaned ¼ of the unit. Once you have finished rinsing it out, replace the fan, and screw the top back on.

It should be kept in mind that neither of these maintenance techniques are sufficient to keep your unit in tip-top shape. For the most effective maintenance, an HVAC servicing company should be called to come look over your unit.

At Climate Control Experts, we would be more than happy to come service your unit, as well as discuss other ways that you can maintain your system at home. Give us a call at (702) 710-7910 to schedule an appointment to have your system diagnosed. We have a team of professional technicians who will ensure your air conditioning is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


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