Money Saving Energy Tips For The Vegas Valley

Cutting your electric bills down while using air conditioner especially in hot summers is the most difficult challenge all around. To cut down on some energy expenses, follow some of these tips. First of all, believe the fact that you can save lots of money when it comes to running your air conditioner unit. Without drenching yourself in sweat, you can reap its cooling benefits at cost effective rates.

The best tip before buying the unit is to check your room size, the quantity of windows in the room, the facing of the windows i.e. towards the sun etc. These measures must be taken beforehand to determine the best feasible size of the air conditioner. The reason is that buying huge sized air conditioner for a small room will increase the cost in response.

Check the SEER Number

First of all, you need to pay attention on the balanced efficiency of your air conditioner i.e. the amount of energy your air conditioner can convert into cool air and the amount of energy it waste in response. A handpicked way to select the right efficient air conditioner is by checking the SEER number (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This is very important if you are going for a central air condition system. The efficiency ratio of 11 or higher is suitable for rooms. Choosing the right energy efficiency ratio will definitely cut down your electric bills in the long run. All those folks who are using old cooling systems with energy efficiency less than 8 should replace those energy guzzlers right away.

Plan Regular Maintenance & Service

Regular maintenance and air conditioning service of air conditioning units every year is required to get optimal output. It’s better to get your air conditioning unit serviced before the starting of hot season. Moreover, a programmable thermostat is ideal for you so that you can alter the thermostat settings when you are present at home. In terms of cutting your energy cost down, you must check whether your air conditioning condenser is placed under a shady spot or not. If not then immediately change its position and try to plant trees in around it to obstruct the direct sunlight as well. All these measures will boost up the air conditioner performance to a considerable extent.

Seal all Possible Air leaks

If you feel the presence of air leaks in the house, then try to seal them. Also apply caulking in those places where the plumbing and electricity utilities comes in to your house. This will help to restore cooling in your house for a longer time period and will put less burden on air conditioner as well. Check the chimneys and weather-strips around drafty windows. One of the common misconceptions among users is the constant running of the air conditioner and the ceiling fan simultaneously. Note down that running fan will not reduce the room temperature but it helps you to reduce your sweat. So run the fan only when you are in the room.

Try to Reduce Heat Absorption of house

The paint of your house plays pivotal role in terms of heat absorption. If the color of your house is light then it will absorb less heat as compared to dark color. In other words, lighter colors will boost up the efficiency of your air conditioner due to less heated walls. Similarly, tint windows are ideal as they also reduce the amount of absorbed heat. The last but certainly not the least factor is associated with switching off the lights. As you know that light produces heat so why not to switch off the lights when they are not required.

With these simple tips, it can be easy to save a few bucks on your home’s energy bill. To sign up for a service plan through Climate Control Experts, or even just to get some tips and tricks, call us at (702) 710-7910.


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