Preparing Your HVAC System For A Storm

Alright folks, it’s monsoon season, and you know what that means: rain, wind, and thunder and lightning. While these short periods of rain and wind may be a nice break from the sweltering heat, they can wreak havoc on your outdoor HVAC units. So how do you prepare?

First, protect your home from power surges. If you have any heavy appliance plugged into an outlet, it can be prone to a surge when lightning strikes, even if the strike isn’t close to your home. If the electrical current spikes because of a lightning strike, it could damage the electrical components in your units and other appliances. To protect your home from this, purchase a surge protector. This will automatically shut off anything plugged in if the current spikes.

Next, make sure everything is anchored securely. An outdoor unit should be securely fastened to prevent it from getting picked up in the high winds, or washed away in fast water. We’ve all seen how strong the winds can be, and how fast water can rise.

Lastly, make sure your system is in decent shape before turning it back on after a storm. A tarp or other kind of covering can be placed over your unit, as long as it’s off, to ensure it won’t be damaged during heavy rain and wind. After the storm has passed, and before you turn your unit back on, remove the covering. Check for any visible damage, and clear any dirt and debris from the unit.

If you do notice any damage or your system doesn’t seem to be running correctly, call Climate Control Experts. We’ll send a certified professional out right away to inspect it for you!


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