Why Is Finding The Right Size Air Conditioner Important?

There are a ton of options to consider when replacing an air conditioner. Efficiency and size are probably the two biggest factors. So how do you choose which one is right for you? It’s important that your air conditioner matches your home and comfort needs. Getting too large of a unit would be throwing money away; a smaller unit may save you money, but it would cost you in comfort as it would not be able to adequately cool your home.

Aside from cost and efficiency, there are several other reasons to make sure you get the right size unit. The fist is humidity-yes, air conditioners actually dehumidify as well as cool your home! With too large of a unit, it will likely meet the set temperature too quickly to address humidity levels.

Proper cycling is also important to an air conditioning unit. If a unit is too big for you home, it will cool down your house quickly and shut off, not going through the proper cycle. This causes the air conditioner to turn on and off constantly, affecting your energy bills.

Too small of a unit could drastically increase your home’s energy bills. While it may be able to keep up with cooling the home, it would have to work a lot harder than a properly sized air conditioner to do so. The initial savings might seem appealing, but it will end up costing much more in the long run. The unit will have to run for much longer, increasing your bills, and working that hard will have an effect on the health of the unit, which may result in having to replace the unit again.

With all of these factors to consider, it can cause anyone’s head to spin. If you’re having trouble deciding which unit, model, and size is right for you, call Climate Control Experts. One of our Comfort Advisers will come out to your home for a free quote and give you the best option for your home and your wallet.


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